Book Review: Bodyguard of Lies

Donna Del Oro throws us into the opening scene, written as the prologue. We find ourselves In 1940, on a Ferry setting sail across the Irish Sea. Nazi Spy, Clare Eberhard watches as her husband (also a Nazi spy) bludgeons a young woman to death. This poor woman, Mary McCoy, was murdered because Clare was … Continue reading Book Review: Bodyguard of Lies


Outlander Episode 301 Recap: The Battle Joined

As the opening credits begin and the Skye Boat song sails us through the title sequence, my eyes fill with tears. Not just because Droughtlander is finally over (thank heavens...and STARZ) but because of the journey our beloved and ill fated (at times) hero and heroine are about to endure. It's amazing what it does … Continue reading Outlander Episode 301 Recap: The Battle Joined

Outlander Season 3: Advanced Screening 

Yesterday I had the pleasure of going to an event that Starz put on at The Grove in L.A. I had such a fun time fan-Girling with my best girl Becca.  We arrived just before 10 AM stood in a really long line to get tickets for the advanced screening. It really didn't take that … Continue reading Outlander Season 3: Advanced Screening 

The Print Shop {The Most Anticipated Scene of Outlander Season 3}

As we eagerly await the premiere of season 3 I can't help but fantasize about the most anticipated scene of Outlander Season 3, The Print Shop. This is the scene in which Claire and Jamie reunite after 20 long years of separation. It will be interesting to see how the episodes are split up surrounding this scene and thrilling to watch our beloved Cait and Sam brilliantly act it out. Let's dig into the recap shall we?

The Wedding Episode and Why We’re in Love With It

Last week I blogged about my favorite Episode of Outlander and why that will never change. I asked all my lovely readers to share their favorite episodes as well. There were mixed answers but the overwhelming majority said The Wedding was their favorite episode. I would have to say that The Wedding is a close … Continue reading The Wedding Episode and Why We’re in Love With It