Words from a Mother’s Heart

A mother's heart is tender, fierce and full of love.  As I sit here minutes before the clock strikes midnight, officially transforming my 12-year-old daughter into a teenager, I can't help but feel that time is just slipping away.  August 19th 2004 at just two minutes past noon, Leina Christabeth came into the world. After … Continue reading Words from a Mother’s Heart

Turtle Soup: The Sexy Scene We Can’t Shut-Up About

We are out of our minds with excitement now that we have a premier date of Outlander Season 3, September 10th 2017! Yay! I will definitely fash myself because I canna wait! Ye with me lassies? ( Yes we will ) Those not as obsessed with all things created in the mind of herself, Diana Gabaldon, … Continue reading Turtle Soup: The Sexy Scene We Can’t Shut-Up About

The Wedding Episode and Why We’re in Love With It

Last week I blogged about my favorite Episode of Outlander and why that will never change. I asked all my lovely readers to share their favorite episodes as well. There were mixed answers but the overwhelming majority said The Wedding was their favorite episode. I would have to say that The Wedding is a close … Continue reading The Wedding Episode and Why We’re in Love With It

William: Our Autism Journey Update

This week marks the last week of William being taught by his beloved preschool teacher Ms. Launa. William has been in Ms. Launa’s class since he began attending preschool in 2014. William has an Individualized Education Program (IEP) and because we are in the Laguna Beach school district William is in school Monday through Friday … Continue reading William: Our Autism Journey Update

How Outlander Got Me Excited About Marriage

In honor of World Outlander day, I’d like to take a moment to tell you about how this series has sparked a new excitement in me for my marriage. Two years ago, I discovered Outlander when I was searching for a new show to watch. I saw the cover art donning a pretty lady in 1940’s garb and handsome Scottish Highlander standing behind her looking rather delectable in his kilt.

5 Things to Consider: Dating an Internal Processor

As an introvert and non-verbal (internal) processor, I find myself to be a walking contradiction, I love talking to people and seeing who they really are. I ask a lot of questions to gain information to create a blueprint of who this person is. I find it to be thrilling. The contradiction I find myself … Continue reading 5 Things to Consider: Dating an Internal Processor