5 Bingeworthy Shows to Survive Droughtlander

After the season two finale of Outlander, I was left with a gaping void that desperately needed to be filled. For those of you that are diehard Outlander fans like me totally understand this. Claire tearfully stares at the standing stones as the sun begins to rise and she hopefully says, “I have to go back.” The ending credits appear shortly after and we all melted into a bucket of tears. Perhaps some of the thoughts that ran through your head went something like this; What do I do with my life now? Is it possible to hibernate until season three premieres? I need an Outlander support groups to cope with my sudden and severe loss. I should decorate with more plaid. You’ll be comforted to know that the EXACT same thoughts went through my head.

How Outlander Got Me Excited About Marriage

In honor of World Outlander day, I’d like to take a moment to tell you about how this series has sparked a new excitement in me for my marriage. Two years ago, I discovered Outlander when I was searching for a new show to watch. I saw the cover art donning a pretty lady in 1940’s garb and handsome Scottish Highlander standing behind her looking rather delectable in his kilt.

5 Things to Consider: Dating an Internal Processor

As an introvert and non-verbal (internal) processor, I find myself to be a walking contradiction, I love talking to people and seeing who they really are. I ask a lot of questions to gain information to create a blueprint of who this person is. I find it to be thrilling. The contradiction I find myself … Continue reading 5 Things to Consider: Dating an Internal Processor

Surviving Motherhood as an Introvert {Without a Mama Wolfpack}

I’m naturally shy and a true introvert at heart. When I got my first job at 16, at a retail store, {where I had to talk to strange people everyday} I learned how to send an “Outgoing Ambassador” of myself out into the world. I realized that my true self was better left at home … Continue reading Surviving Motherhood as an Introvert {Without a Mama Wolfpack}

Going Back to Work {kicking and screaming}

As the prospect of going back to work encroaches closer and closer I find myself becoming deeply entrenched in self-doubt. After all, the phrase "going back to work" implies that you have somewhere in the professional world to go back to. I've been a stay at home mom for the past six years and by … Continue reading Going Back to Work {kicking and screaming}

Pursuing My Dream

  In April I finished writing my first complete novel. It is currently a little over 43,000 words and it is a fantasy fiction novel for Middle Grade readers. It was absolutely thrilling to write and I already have the story lines for books two and three for a potential series. Writing a novel in … Continue reading Pursuing My Dream